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Perhaps the danger we face is not the mutually assured obliteration of the two parties, but the destruction of our democracy. But the obliteration of Nagasaki was, if comparisons on this scale are even possible, even worse than that of Hiroshima.
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From Cambridge English Corpus. In retrospect, it is clear that such a view vastly exaggerated the effect of technological innovations in obliterating national differences. From Cambridge English Corpus. In sum, farmers do not feel that petty trade has obliterated agriculture.
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transitive to destroy every trace of; wipe out completely. obliteration, noun obliterative, adjective obliterator, noun. C16: from Latin oblitterre to erase, from ob out littera letter. Collins English Dictionary Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition. William Collins Sons Co. 1979, 1986 HarperCollins.
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2 Allan Chapman notes that obliteration by incorporation often affects famous individuals, to whom attribution becomes considered as obvious and unnecessary, thus leading to their exclusion from citations, even if they and their ideas have been mentioned in the text.
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Example Sentences for obliteration. Obliteration of a portion of the Urethra, remedied by an operation. There was no springing to her side; no rapture of declared affection; no obliteration of her shame. The obliteration of Desire is the first aim of the Buddhist.
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Western military forces carried out air raids across western Syria in the predawn hours Saturday, obliterating Syrian government targets related to President Bashar Assads deadly chemical weapons program. hennigan, Time, Trump" Orders Strikes on Syria Over Chemical Weapons, 13 Apr.
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can be exchanged for a random corrupted unique wand. Obliteration has a legacy variant. Version Discontinued Modifiers. 15 to 18% increased Spell Damage Adds 2480 to 3092 Physical Damage. 26 to 32% increased Critical Strike Chance. Gain 13 to 15% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage.
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See also: oblitération. obliteration countable and uncountable, plural obliterations. The total destruction of something. The cancellation, erasure or deletion of something. medicine The cancellation of the function, structure, or both of a vessel or organ; for example, the occlusion of the lumen of a duct, blood vessel, or lymphatic vessel, be it solely functional as when squeezed by nearby mass effect or inflammation or both structural and functional as when clogged with thrombus, embolus, or fibrosis.
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Synonyms: destroy, eliminate, devastate, waste More Synonyms of obliterate. obliteration bl tr e n uncountable noun. the obliteration of three isolated rainforests. Synonyms: wiping out, elimination, eradication, blotting out More Synonyms of obliterate. Synonyms: destruction, ruin, wiping out, elimination More Synonyms of obliterate.

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