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The noun obliteration can describe a literal destruction, like an explosion or terrible fire, but it's' also frequently used to mean a more figurative kind of eradication. You might, for example, hear people on the news talk about the obliteration of democracy in a country, or the obliteration of a politician's' candidacy after a scandal is revealed.
OBLITERATE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. However, this decoding depends on a simultaneous appreciation of martyrdom as a radical act which transgresses, even obliterates, key boundaries.
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See also: oblitération. obliteration countable and uncountable, plural obliterations. The total destruction of something. The cancellation, erasure or deletion of something. medicine The cancellation of the function, structure, or both of a vessel or organ; for example, the occlusion of the lumen of a duct, blood vessel, or lymphatic vessel, be it solely functional as when squeezed by nearby mass effect or inflammation or both structural and functional as when clogged with thrombus, embolus, or fibrosis.
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Get a obliterated mug for your father Vivek. being high beyond realization of how fucking high you are. Person 1: Bro. this is some bomb Person 2: I know dude, im obliterated Person 1: Me too. high obliterate obliteration fuck bomb.
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obliterate verb definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
the belief that you can have all the benefits of a particular thing but none of its disadvantages, especially in relation to the United Kingdom's' negotiations on leaving the European Union. detached points of light seen on thin waxing or waning lunar crescents visually reminiscent of the moments before and after a total solar eclipse.
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Perhaps the danger we face is not the mutually assured obliteration of the two parties, but the destruction of our democracy. But the obliteration of Nagasaki was, if comparisons on this scale are even possible, even worse than that of Hiroshima.
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Get a obliteration mug for your fish Nathalie. getting very fucked up either off of drugs or alcohol. Usually blacking out or passing out. Last night the obliteration occurred before 10 p.m. It's' the weekend and the obliteration is about to begin!
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OBLITERATION meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The war resulted in the obliteration of hundreds of villages. The reef faces obliteration in the near future. These farmers are seeing the complete obliteration of everything they've' known. A terrible loneliness resulted from the obliteration of her short-term memories.
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Obliteration Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives.
See also: Black Magic, Flight, Gouge, Mion's' Hill, Mabuse live, ex Condor, ex Repellent, ex Black Viper. See also: Altaar, Ghoul-Cult live, ex Dead Trooper. See also: Black Magic, Void Eater, Furze live, ex Spectral Haze, Pajjama, ex Aura Noir live, ex Valhall live, ex Deject.
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Nothing but fish stands between their town and obliteration. Do you not see that the obliteration of it is the brand upon the forehead of morality? One of these was the obliteration of thrift from the minds of the French people.

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