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PROJECTION MapServer 7.4.4 documentation.
Also, if you have layers in other projections other than the MAP level projection then you must define PROJECTION objects for those layers, to tell MapServer what projections they are in. If you specify a MAP level projection, and then only one other LAYER projection object, MapServer will assume that all of the other layers are in the specified MAP level projection.
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Projection Mapping Central Projection Mapping Central.
The Illustrated History of Projection Mapping. While projection mapping has recently exploded into the consciousness of artists and advertisers everywhere, the history of projection mapping dates back longer than you may. VarioLight: Dynamic Projection Mapping. VarioLight: Dynamic Projection Mapping for a Wide Range Performance.
xkcd: Mercator Projection.
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Projection Wikipedia.
Projection alchemy, process in Alchemy. Power projection, the capacity of a state to implement policy by means of force, or the threat thereof. Psychological projection, or Freudian" projection, a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one's' own unacceptable or unwanted attributes, thoughts, or emotions.
Projection Calculator Pro Projector to Screen Distance.
Since each projector lens is different, an online projection calculator tool will help you calculate the size of an image on a screen relative to how far the projector is placed from screen. What is a throw ratio for a projector?
esri/geometry/projection API Reference ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.31.
A client-side projection engine for converting geometries from one SpatialReference to another. When projecting geometries the starting spatial reference must be specified on the input geometry. You can specify a specific geographic datum transformation for the projection operation, or accept the default transformation if one is needed.
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Psychological Projection: Dealing With Undesirable Emotions.
Projection is not always a negative mechanism. Although the Freudian theory of projection assumes that the projected feelings tend to be undesirable, there are other types of projection that are more positive and productive. Complementary projection, for example, is a type of projection where one assumes that other people share the same opinions that he or she does.
Projection and Identity Psychology Today.
The problem is that when people project their stuff onto us, they tend to act as if their projection has something to do with who we really are. They treat us, in other words, as if their projection were valid.
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Urban Dictionary: Projection.
When party leaders accused their opponents of voter fraud, it was all just projection; because in reality they were working to rig the election behind the scenes. by CGST November 28, 2016. Get a Projection mug for your dog G√ľnter.
Projections PyNN 0.9.5 documentation.
Weights should be in nA for current-based and S for conductance-based synapses. Delays should be in milliseconds. Note that where a projection contains multiple connections between a given pair of neurons, all these connections will be set to the same value.
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