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Word family noun suggestion suggestiveness adjective suggestive suggestible verb suggest adverb suggestively. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English suggestible suggestible / sdestb l s / adjective EFFECT/INFLUENCE easily influenced by other people or by things you see and hear very/highly/extremely suggestible At that age, kids are highly suggestible.
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Thus the emotional suggestible learns more by inference than by direct, literal suggestions. Physical suggestibility A suggestible behavior characterized by a high degree of responsiveness to literal suggestions affecting the body, and restriction of emotional responses; usually associated with cataleptic stages or deeper.
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In Suggestible You, Erik Vance has created a fascinating, engaging history of one of science's' weirdest discoveries and takes us on a riveting journey into hypnosis, false memories, and the many other ways our minds can get manipulated." Erik" Vance has pulled off a rare feat: He's' written a book that's' both deeply reported and compulsively readable.
How suggestible are preschool children? Cognitive and social factors. PubMed NCBI.
Generate a file for use with external citation management software. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. How suggestible are preschool children? Cognitive and social factors. Ceci SJ 1, Huffman ML. Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA.
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It's' easy to convince a suggestible person to do something, believe something, or to change their mind about something. Suggestible voters are easily swayed by emotional political ads on TV, and if you're' very suggestible, your brother talking about his migraine can convince you that you might have migraines too.
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EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR SUGGESTIBLE. He is suggestible, and here are the suggestions; he is made to inherit and he inherits. I have myself indicated how suggestible the personification is. While everybody is suggestible, nervous people are abnormally so.
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Suggestion plays into acupuncture, warlocks, Christian healing ministries, homeopathy, mass hysteria, miracle cures, and the ways that fear can harm or even kill a person. These are the concepts Erik Vance explore in Suggestible" You" It's' stories take us from laboratories of the NIH to the streets of Beijing to the jungles of Mexico to the suburban streets of Alameda, California.
5. SUGGESTIBILITY OF CHILDREN'S' MEMORY The Interaction Between Children's' Developmental Capabilities and the Courtroom Environment: The Impact on Testimonial Competency.
5.3 Highlights on Children's' Suggestibility. In summary, there has been a proliferation of studies on the suggestibility of children's' memories. The findings are at times contradictory and confusing, but several consistent results are appearing. Children are more suggestible than adults and younger children are more suggestible than older children.
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The Economist, A" great Russian director brings history to life on stage, 17 May 2018 Other people might just be highly suggestible and using their imaginations to hear the sounds or people who sense something in the realm between noise and imagination.

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