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Sodium Hypochlorite Products and Service Information AGC Chemicals Company.
Generic name: sodium hypochlorite Chemical formula: NaClO Reaction 2NaOH Cl 2 NaClO Sodium hypochlorite NaCl H 2 O CSCL Number 1-237 Industrial Safety and Health Act Number 1-237 CAS NO 7681-52-9. Sodium hypochlorite is used in pulp bleaching, pool disinfecting, water and sewer service sterilization, home disinfecting, sterilization, and bleaching.
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Province of Manitoba agriculture Use of Chlorine in the Food Industry.
1 Commercially, household bleaches such as Clorox" and Javex are solutions of sodium hypochlorite in water at 5.25 per cent. This percentage refers to the concentration of sodium hypochlorite in the solution, which means that there are 5.25 grams of sodium hypochlorite in 94.75 grams of water.
SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE 15% 20 LITRES General Cleaners Products Marketing Chemicals Limited.
Submit View PDFs. Sodium Hypochlorite 12 Percent SDS 2020.pdf. Category General Cleaners, Disinfectants. Marketing Chemicals Liquid Bleach is a commercial strength Sodium Hypochlorite solution either 5% or 15% formulated to disinfect, sanitise and bleach a wide range of surfaces and other materials.
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Risks and Management of Sodium Hypochlorite in Endodontics OMICS International.
G Markose, CJ Cotter, WS Hislop 43 RF de Sermeño, LAB da Silva, H Herrera 44 Linn JL, Messer HH 45. Facial atrophy following accidental subcutaneous extrusion of sodium hypochlorite Tissue damage after sodium hypochlorite extrusion during root canal treatment Hypochlorite injury to the lip following injection via a labial perforation.
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 475 mL.
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution. Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 475 mL. Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, 475 mL. See more product details. view options as chart. Corrosive liquid; causes skin burns; reacts with acid to evolve chlorine gas; evolves chlorine when heated; moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation; avoid contact with organic material.
Pumping Sodium Hypochlorite.
Due to the safety aspects of transporting and handling chlorine in its elemental state, the production of sodium hypochlorite is produced onsite where possible. As a compound, sodium hypochlorite is unstable and will breakdown into sodium chloride and sodium chlorate.
Hypochlorite ClO ChemSpider.
Cite this record. CSID55632, http// accessed 1741, Jun 24, 2021 Copy Copied. Names and Synonyms. Validated by Experts, Validated by Users, Non-Validated, Removed by Users Edit. Hypochlorit German ACD/IUPAC Name. Hypochlorite ACD/IUPAC Name Wiki. Hypochlorite French ACD/IUPAC Name. Hypochlorito, ion1 ACD/Index Name.
Sodium Hypochlorite Molecule of the Month October 2011 HTML-only version.
At first, it was used to bleach cotton, but soon became a popular compound for bleaching other clothing materials since it was quickly found that the sodium hypochlorite could remove stains from clothes at room temperature. In France, sodium hypochlorite is still known as eau de Javel.
Bleach Sodium Hypochlorite Safety Tips: Bleach Safety Instruction MSDSonline.
Given the time period, the initial creation of sodium hypochlorite was weak compared to today. As technology and chemistry improved, other companies created stronger and better quality sodium hypochlorite, with the final, and universally used version, being produced by Occidental Petroleum.
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Hypochlorites are the most widely used of the chlorine disinfectants and are available in liquid e.g, sodium hypochlorite or solid e.g, calcium hypochlorite forms. The most prevalent chlorine products in the United States are aqueous solutions of 5.25% to 6.15% sodium hypochlorite, which usually are called household bleach.

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