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Prior to Generation VI, Weedle's' shape was Weedle was the inspiration for the naming of Stentorceps weedlei, a species of wasps. Both Weedle and Stentorceps weedlei exhibit the distinctive feature of having a spine in the middle of the organism's' head.
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weedle Hamely Tongue. Source: The Hamely Tongue: A Personal Record of Ulster-Scots in County Antrim. Author: James Fenton. Comments: The Hamely Tongue has been widely acclaimed as the authoritative record of contemporary surviving Ulster-Scots in its heartland of County Antrim where James Fenton faithfully recorded his dictionary items among a network of other native speakers over a 30-year period.
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Yet this powerful moth, which would fit much better as the last evolution of Weedle and would dominate its rival bug type, Butterfree, evolves instead from Venonat, which is clearly supposed to be a gnat. So instead of having any kind of biology, we choose to have a gnat turn into a moth.
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Weedle can be found in forests and usually hides in grass, bushes, and under the leaves it eats. This article uses material from the Bulbapedia article Weedle, which is released under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5. Teilen Tweet Whatsapp Email Link kopieren.
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The Weedle has one on either end of its body; the Kakuna has an extendable one on its bottom tip; and the Beedrill has a large conic stinger on each arm and one more at the tip of its abdomen.
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