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Hypoglycaemia REdefining SOLutions for better liVEs Hypo-RESOLVE.
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English words prefixed with hypo. Terms derived from the hypo prefix in the anatomical sense. Terms derived from the hypo prefix in the medical sense. Terms derived from the hypo prefix in the chemical sense. Galician: hipo gl. German: hypo de.
Hypo thetical Synonyms, Hypo thetical Antonyms
Synonyms for hypo thetical. Antonyms for hypo thetical. Roget's' 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. WORD OF THE DAY. evanescent adjective ev uh nes uh nt SEE DEFINITION. All Of These Words Are Offensive But Only Sometimes.
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Make a saturated solution of hypo and dilute it with an equal bulk of water. Photography in the Studio and in the Field Edward M. Always did like to be around where you smelled developer and hypo, so I stuck around.
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HYPO Steiermark, brand name of Landes-Hypothekenbank Steiermark. HYPO Salzburg, brand name of Salzburger Landes-Hypothekenbank. HYPO Oberösterreich, brand name of Oberösterreichische Landesbank. Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg. Hypo Tirol Bank. Hypo Noe Gruppe. Hypo Verband, brand name of Verband der österreichischen Landes-Hypothekenbanken. HYPO may refer to.:
hypo Origin and meaning of prefix hypo by Online Etymology Dictionary.
word-forming element meaning under, beneath; less, less than" in chemistry, indicating a lesser oxidation, from Greek hypo prep. and adverb under, beneath; up from under; toward and under i.e. into, from PIE root upo under." Entries related to hypo. See all related words 22.
Having a hypo Diabetes UK. Brand Icons/Telephone. check FontAwesome. Header. icons/tick. icons/uk.
This means that your blood sugar levels may drop further and the hypo may get more severe. Even if you are alone when you have a hypo and you become unconscious, your body will slowly respond by naturally increasing blood glucose levels, and you will eventually become conscious again as the effect of your insulin wears off.
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