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Genotype htsjdk 2.8.1 API.
public abstract class Genotype extends java.lang.Object implements java.lang.Comparable Genotype, This class encompasses all the basic information about a genotype. It is immutable. Fields Modifier and Type Field and Description. A list of genotype field keys corresponding to values we manage inline in the Genotype object.
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The foundation of biology is genetics, and at the simplest level, genetics is a matter of genotype the genes you have and phenotype the traits those genes give you. Between the two, genotype and phenotype define a large part of what an organism is.
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If the individual has the BB or Bb genotype, then they produce hair and the hair color phenotype can be observed, but if the individual has a bb genotype, then the person is bald which masks the A gene entirely.
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A genotype is the specific DNA that an organism inherits from its parents. A phenotype represents every possible way that the genotype manifests itself in the organism. Since each organism has its own unique genotype, there is no possible way to list all genotypes.
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Paul Andersen explains how changes in the genotype of an individual can affect the phenotype. He begins with genotypephenotypelettersstory: analogy. He explains how mutations can be neutral, beneficial or harmful. He also explains how mistakes in the cell cycle can lead to disorder, sterility or new species.
RealTime HCV Genotype II Assay Abbott Molecular."
The accuracy of the Abbott RealTi m e HCV Genotype II assay was demonstrated by testing 169 HCV genotype 1 110 of genotype 1a, 58 of subtype 1b, and 1 genotype 1 only, 41 HCV genotype 2, 27 HCV genotype 3, 28 HCV genotype 4, 14 HCV genotype 5, and 12 HCV genotype 6 positive specimens.
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Each pair of alleles represents the genotype of a specific individual, and in this case, there are 3 possible genotypes: TT taster, Tt taster and tt non-taster. If the alleles are the same TT or tt, the genotype is homozygous.
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If it does it is not thought to present any real cause for concern. However, HCV genotype does influence response to treatment. If you are considering treatment it is very important to know which genotype and ideally the subtype you are actually infected with.
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Look up a word, learn it forever. The traits you have inherited are the result of your genotype, the makeup of your specific genes as passed on from your ancestors. As a verb, to genotype refers to the process of mapping the gene structure of an organism.

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