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8.3. Characteristics of hyphal growth.
This electron opaque part contains many vesicles transporting cell wall materials or the zymogene of the chitin synthase, these latter vesicles are the chitosomes. Intensive exocytosis occurs at the tip region and endocytosis at a proximal region of the hypha.
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In Mucor, for example, the end of the primary hypha swells into a spheroidal head sporangium, the protoplasm of which FIG. Professor Seward, however, has found a Zygosporites in situ, terminating an apparently fungal hypha: he suggests a possible comparison with the mould Mucor.
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Definitions of hypha. n any of the threadlike filaments forming the mycelium of a fungus. a specialized fungal hypha that produces conidia. a dense mass of hyphae forming a root-like structure characteristic of many fungi. fibril, filament, strand. a very slender natural or synthetic fiber.
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Agreement with Hypha Discovery to Further Enhance Lead Identification Platform Evotec.
Dr Liam Evans, Chief Executive Officer of Hypha Discovery stated: Evotec is a world leading provider of high throughput screening services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and as such this strategic partnership provides new and exciting opportunities to find novel drug leads resulting from our breakthrough fungal fermentation technology.

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