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Hypothermia occurs when a persons oral temperature drops below 35C. When hypothermic, the human body can no longer function normally. Hypothermia can lead to serious health risks and even death. Risk of hypothermia varies according to the temperature felt, meaning the wind chill index.
Hypothermia: Surviving the Cold, or Even the Not So Cold The New York Times.
One died of hypothermia from exposure; the search was ultimately called off for the other two. Also in Oregon last month, James Kim, a 35-year-old father of two young children, died of hypothermia during a fruitless search for help after he made a wrong turn onto an unsecured logging road and the family became stranded in their car in rain and snow.
Hypothermia and Frostbite Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis
One complication of hypothermia is that the heart becomes very sensitive and can be easily jolted into an irregular rhythm. If you try to rescue someone with hypothermia, you need to be as gentle as possible to prevent any sudden movements.
Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia Cold Weather Injuries.
Ventilation may have stopped but respiration may continue the oxygen demands for the body have been so diminished with hypothermia that the body may be able to survive for some time using only the oxygen that is already in the body.
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The United States Coast Guard promotes using life vests to protect against hypothermia through the 50/50/50 rule: If someone is in 50F 10C water for 50 minutes, he/she has a 50 percent better chance of survival if wearing a life jacket.
Hypothermia Symptoms and causes Mayo Clinic.
The most common causes of hypothermia are exposure to cold-weather conditions or cold water. But prolonged exposure to any environment colder than your body can lead to hypothermia if you aren't' dressed appropriately or can't' control the conditions. Specific conditions leading to hypothermia include.:
Hypothermia Symptoms, Definition, Treatment Signs.
The best home remedy for hypothermia is simply to avoid those conditions that result in hypothermia such as not dressing appropriately for cold weather. However, if you find someone that is possibly suffering from hypothermia the first priority is to check for breathing, a pulse and if necessary, begin cardiac resuscitation.
Hypothermia in Multiple Sclerosis: Beyond the Hypothalamus? A Case Report and Review of the Literature.
Although, using the current MR technology, we are unable to exclude very small hypothalamic lesions, we are mindful that the latter have not been found in other reported cases 14 and by contrast, they can be present in MS patients not affected by hypothermia.
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Severe Hypothermia: rigid muscles, dazed, shivering has stopped, blue skin, erratic heart beat, unconscious. If severe hypothermia sets in, complications can include coma and even death. Other cold weather injuries are also associated with hypothermia, such as frostbite, chilblains ulcers on the toes and trench foot a foot infection.
BBC Two Trust Me, I'm' a Doctor, Series 2, Episode 3 How to save someone suffering from hypothermia. Search BBC.
How to save someone suffering from hypothermia. Hypothermia develops when the body temperature falls by just two degrees. We often think of hypothermia as something that only affects adventurous types but it can affect anyone and even develop indoors. Falling into cold water can trigger it, even on a hot day, as can drinking lots of alcohol.

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