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Hypertext 2015.
It is concerned with all aspects of modern hypertext research, including social media, adaptation and personalisation, user modeling, linked data and semantic web, dynamic and computed hypertext, and its application in digital humanities. HT2015 will focus on the role of hypertext and hyperlink theory on the web and beyond, as a foundation for approaches and practices in the wider community.
Internet Tutorial: What is Hypertext?
Hypertext is information presented as a page which can contain text, pictures, sound, animations, and links to other pages which can be activated by buttons located on a page. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and is the language that most web pages are written in.
A Brief History of Hypertext The History of the Web.
He built a system for researchers to use there, similar to a modern day wiki, which used a new hypertext markup language to link together important research documents and create a new way to track projects and important findings. Berners-Lee was working on a first version of HTML Hypertext Markup Language.
Hypertext IEKO.
a particular case of automatically created links are the intensional ones, which instead of being explicitly and permanently stored in the hypertext as the extensional ones which lead to a predetermined node are created each time during the navigation in the hypertext on the basis of predefined procedures and parameters.
Hypertext literacy what is it? DigiLanguages.
Software programs that include dictionaries and encyclopedias have long used hypertext in their definitions so that readers can quickly find out more about specific words or topics. Apple Computers HyperCard program also used hypertext, which allowed users to create multi-linked databases.
atspi-hypertext: libatspi Reference Manual.
a gint indicating the number of AtspiHyperlink objects of the AtspiHypertext implementor, or 1 if the number cannot be determined for example, if the AtspiHypertext object is so large that it is not all currently in the memory cache. AtspiHyperlink atspi_hypertext_get_link AtspiHypertext obj, gint link_index, GError error.;
Stuart Moulthrop You Say You Want a Revolution? Hypertext and the Laws of Media Postmodern Culture 13.:
So perhaps we need a Psychiatrist General's' Warning: Reading This Hypertext Can Make You Paranoid-indeed it must, since the root sense of paranoia, a parallel or parallax gnosis, happens to be a handy way to conceive of the meta-sense of pattern recognition that hypertext serves to enhance.
The Otherness of Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Hypertext IntechOpen.
The Otherness of Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Hypertext, Virtual Reality, Jae-Jin Kim, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/13718. Tugrul Ilter January 8th 2011. The Otherness of Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Hypertext, Virtual Reality, Jae-Jin Kim, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/13718. Over 21000, IntechOpen readers like this topic.
gnuplot lines with hypertext points? Stack Overflow.
Usually the hypertext is shown only if also points is set. Since the area which is active for the hypertext depends on the point size, you can draw all points with linespoints and then use a transparent point when plotting the labels.:
Media: Hypertext: SFE: Science Fiction Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.
The new form of hyperfiction acquired an early theorist in the person of George Landow, author of Hypertext: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology 1992; 1997 rev vt Hypertext 2.0: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology; 2006 rev vt Hypertext 3.0: Critical Theory and New Media in an Era of Globalization.

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