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PDF Preparation and Use of Hyperimmune Serum for Prophylaxis and Therapy of Ebola Virus Infections.
Serum samples containing Ebola Virus neutralizing antibodies were prepared by prolonged immunization of goats with 10% liver homogenate from guinea pigs infected with Ebola virus. Differences in IgG fractions of normal and hyperimmune caprine blood sera were detected. Analytical chromatography on Polysil SA and immunodiffusion showed the presence of three IgG-containing fractions in hyperimmune sera.
Development and Efficacy Assessment of Equine Source Hyper-Immune Plasma against Bacillus anthracis.
All three immunization protocols were found to be safe and repeatable in horses and three pheresis events were performed with the total collection of 168.36 L of plasma and a mean collection volume of 18.71 L 0.302 L for each event.
The Effectiveness of Anti-R. equi Hyperimmune Plasma against R. equi Challenge in Thoroughbred Arabian Foals of Mares Vaccinated with R. equi Vaccine.
Bowman, Evaluation of a commercially available hyperimmune plasma product for prevention of naturally acquired pneumonia caused by Rhodococcus equi in foals, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, vol. View at: Google Scholar. Martens et al, Effect of hyperimmune plasma on the severity of pneumonia caused by Rhodococcus equi in experimentally infected foals, Veterinary Therapeutics, vol.
Congenital CMV: No Benefit With Hyperimmune Globulin Therapy. 3090D553-9492-4563-8681-AD288FA52ACE.
These" findings do not support the explanation that hyperimmune globulin could act by reducing the maternal or placental viral load through a direct neutralization effect, the authors conclude. Treatment" with hyperimmune globulin did not significantly modify the course of primary CMV infection during pregnancy."
Managing Costs and Medical Information. Using Trusted Resources. Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer. Emotional Support for Young People with Cancer. Young People Facing End-of-Life Care Decisions. Cancers by Body Location. Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Treatment. Pediatric Supportive Care.
Hyperimmune serum in the control of peste des petits ruminants. Abstract Europe PMC. Europe PMC.
The value of administration of hyperimmune serum in the control of peste des petits ruminants was investigated in goats at different stages of the disease. A group of the goats was given hyperimmune serum intravenously at the fever stage of temperature of 40.5 degrees C or above; another group showing no elevation of temperature but with other clinical signs of the disease were also given hyperimmune serum.
Prevention of hepatitis C virus infection in chimpanzees by hyperimmune serum against the hypervariable region 1 of the envelope 2protein PNAS.
To investigate whether the HVR1 of the E2 protein is a critical neutralization domain, in vitro neutralization of a pedigreed, in vivo titrated HCV strain H77 was attempted with a rabbit hyperimmune serum raised against a homologous synthetic HVR1 peptide.
Hyperimmune serum globulin biology Britannica.
Hyperimmune serum globulin is prepared in the same way as the nonspecific immunoglobulin above but from patients who are selected because of their high titres of specific antibodies. Rh-immune globulin is given to pregnant Rh-negative women to prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn.
Hyperimmune definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
hyperimmune in British English. characterized by a high degree of immunization. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright HarperCollins Publishers. Examples of hyperimmune in a sentence. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Antivenoms, produced using animal hyperimmune plasma, remains the standard therapy for snakebites.
Article The Role of Hyperimmune Globulins.
A well-done video of the plasmapheresis process can be viewed at http// Once this special hyperimmune plasma is collected, it goes through a process called fractionation that separates and collects the individual proteins to manufacture the various plasma products, including hyperimmune globulins.

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