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Imperforate hymen: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia.
At birth or early childhood, the health care provider may see that there is no opening in the hymen during a physical exam. At puberty, girls usually do not have any problems from an imperforate hymen until they start their period.
JUST JUST THE THE FACTS FACTS about about virginity virginity and and the the hymen hymen myth. myth.
A lot of traditional views on virginity are based on religious and cultural beliefs that have nothing to do with the facts. In some cultures, a show of blood after the wedding night, virginity tests, hymen examinations and even hymen reconstruction were and are still practiced.
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Some have very small openings, and some even have multiple openings in the hymen. Two percent of all woman are born with a closed hymen, which is called imperforate, and that requires surgery to open up the hymen so period blood can flow through.
What can make the hymen break? Center for Young Women's' Health.
Tampons can be inserted through the opening of the hymen without changing the hymen as well. Sexual intercourse may stretch the hymen to make a larger opening or may cause a tiny tear or change in the shape of the hymen sometimes this is called breaking the hymen, but it doesnt really break, it just stretches.
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Etymology 1 edit. From Ancient Greek humn, skin, membrane. Etymology 2 edit. genitive plural of hymna. Ancient Greek humn, hymen. IPA key: /hymen/, hymen. anatomy, rare hymen. Inflection of hymen Kotus type 6/ paperi, no gradation. Possessive forms of hymen type paperi.
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In forensic medicine, it is recommended by health authorities that a physician who must swab near this area of a prepubescent girl avoid the hymen and swab the outer vulval vestibule instead. 11 In cases of suspected rape or child sexual abuse, a detailed examination of the hymen may be performed, but the condition of the hymen alone is often inconclusive.
Hymen Or Vaginal Corona What Is A Hymen? Mooncup.
After 24 years of nursing experience, the majority of this in womens health, I have always thought the hymen was a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening and could in some cases be torn by having sex or doing sport.
Urban Dictionary: hymen.
An intact hymen has long and erroneously been considered the hallmark of female virginity. The presence or absence of the hymen is no proof of virginity or its opposite; the hymen can be broken in the normal course of physical activities when the body is stretched strenuously, as in athletics, sports or exercises.

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