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Definition of Hygroscopic in Chemistry.
Sulfuric acid is hygroscopic, not only when concentrated but also down to a concentration of 10% v/v or even lower. Germinating seeds also are hygroscopic. After seeds have dried, their outer coating becomes hygroscopic and starts absorbing moisture needed for germination.
Question of the Week: What is the Difference Between Hygroscopic and Hydrophobic Materials?
Question of the Week: What is the Difference Between Hygroscopic and Hydrophobic Materials? This article was authored by.: What is the Difference Between Hygroscopic and Hydrophobic? Simply stated, hygroscopic materials absorb moisture, whereas hydrophobic materials do not absorb moisture from the environment.
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The basic hypothesis of the conducted experiments can be summarized as such: It is possible to strategically use the hygroscopic behavior of wood to develop an architectural material system that interacts with its environment and develops functional capacities through this behavior.
The total amount of water, which can be taken up by the hygroscopic material will be a function of the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere in which it is located and will ultimately be determined by the sorption isotherm of the system.
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Choline chloride is hygroscopic, and when added to a vitamin premix it will generally hasten the rate of other vitamin destruction. Gases and non-aqueous liquids can be dehydrated by passing them over or through a hygroscopic substance, one that readily absorbs water.
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readily taking up and retaining moisture glycerol is hygroscopic. Other Words from hygroscopic. hygroscopicity sk├Ąp-is-t noun, plural ties. More from Merriam-Webster on hygroscopic. Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with hygroscopic. Comments on hygroscopic. What made you want to look up hygroscopic?
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Silica gel, a common desiccant, is hygroscopic. Some hygroscopic materials not only snag water vapor from the surrounding space, but they also dissolve as they do so. Of course, this property has to have a special name, and that name is deliquescence.
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Hygroscopic expansion and solubility of composite restoratives. PubMed NCBI.
Hygroscopic expansion and solubility of composite restoratives. Martin N 1, Jedynakiewicz NM, Fisher AC. Department of Clinical Dental Sciences and Department of Clinical Engineering, The University of Liverpool, L69 3BX, Liverpool, UK. To quantify the changes of dimension vol%, weight microgram/mm3 and the solubility microgram/mm3 of dental composite restorative materials after a period of 64 days immersed in de-ionized water or artificial saliva.
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Hygroscopy Wikipedia.
Not only is sulfuric acid hygroscopic in concentrated form but its solutions are hygroscopic down to concentrations of 10% v/v or below. A hygroscopic material will tend to become damp and cakey when exposed to moist air such as the salt inside salt shakers during humid weather.
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Additionally, tests such as static loss of mass can be conducted to investigate the corrosive behavior of hygroscopic matter. In this test, the hygroscopic substance is exposed to various corrosion inhibitor environments or solutions to determine the best way to inhibit hygroscopic corrosion.
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