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Look up a word, learn it forever. Definitions of hygroscopic. absorbing moisture as from the air. Synonyms: absorbent, absorptive. having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something liquids or energy etc. Sign up now its free!
Hygroscopic substances: sample preparation Sigmatik.
Absorption of water by hygroscopic substances causes the appearance of mistakes during weighting, which are impossible to statistical evaluation.Because of variability of water contained in air, we are not able it DETERMINE precisely, how much water will be absorbed by substance and how it will effect on actual quantity of substance.
Hygroscopic properties following drying affects wood consumption by Odontotermes obesus.
Like many biological materials, wood being hygroscopic, absorbs moisture from the wet environment and even saturated wood loses moisture in a dry environment Akyildiz and Ates 2008. Hygroscopic properties of wood vary according to extractives present in wood Quartey 2015.
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Hygroscopic Tandem Differential Mobility Analyser Centre for Atmospheric Science The University of Manchester.
The smallest sizes 40nm are almost entirely hydrophobic, having now high growth factor mode. At 89nm there are two distinct modes, one hydrophobic, and one more hygroscopic, but the more hygroscopic mode still has a growth factor significantly less than that of an inorganic salt.
Hygroscopic Glossary Parafix.
The safety critical applications of this market require trusted adhesive solutions to ensure high quality and reliability of products. We offer a range of materials for bonding, sealing, insulating, shielding and venting for a range of detection, monitoring and emergency devices.
Hygroscopic properties of pollutants on HV insulators IEEE Journals Magazine IEEE Xplore.
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water Hygroscopic Substances and Drying Agents Chemistry Stack Exchange.
Hygroscopic: Absorbs water from air. Drying agent: Removes water from organic substance. Your book did not exclude other materials from being considered drying agents. It just said many of the substances that are hygroscopic are also useful as drying agents.
What is Hygroscopic? Definition from Corrosionpedia.
Moreover, tests such as static loss of mass can be conducted in order to investigate the corrosive behavior of hygroscopic matter. With such, the hygroscopic substance is exposed to various corrosion inhibitor environments or solutions to determine the best way to inhibit hygroscopic corrosion.
Hygroscopic Nucleus
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