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Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Antiviral Effects of Hypericin, a Derivative of St. John's' Wort Plant, in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.
The gradient high-performance liquid chromatography methodology employed for the analysis of hypericin was adequate to allow quantitation of any hypericin-derived metabolites, as the assay used the visible absorption maximum of the hypericin molecule. However, no discernible peaks other than the hypericin molecule were detected over all of the study monitoring time points.
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Interaction of a Potential Anticancer Agent Hypericin and its Model Compound Emodin with DNA and Bovine Serum Albumin.
The binding constants of hypericin and emodin for interaction with DNA have values of the order of 10 4 l/mol, while the binding constants of typical intercalators such as ethidium, daunomycin and psoralen reach value of more than 10 6 l/mol 36.
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Fermentek Hypericin 548-04-9.
Soluble in alkaline aqueous solutions. Soluble in organic bases such as pyridine red fluorescent solutions but not in other organic solvents. Store in a freezer upon arrival, at 10C to 25C. Refer to MSDS for further safety and handling instructions.
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A Phase I Dose Escalation Study of Synthetic Hypericin in HIV-Infected Patients With Less Than 300 CD4 Lymphocytes Full Text View
To determine the maximum tolerated dose MTD of hypericin, to define the types of toxicities that may be observed, and to determine what doses of the drug are associated with improvements in virological and immunological surrogate markers of HIV infection.
Hypericin C30H16O8, QUINONE Anthraquinone Extrasynthese.
Make a Search Products, Plants, Formula, MSDS, Specifications, Structures. Back to the list Hypericin. Code 0468 S. Sub family Anthraquinone. Formula C 30 H 16 O 8. Smiles CC1C2C3CCCCOC4C3C3C5C2CCOC1COC1C5CCOCC1OC1C3CCOCC1OC4O CC1C2C3CCCCOC4C3C3C5C2CCOC1COC1C5CCOCC1OC1C3CCOCC1OC4O. Hypericin analytical standard provided with w/w absolute assay, to be used for quantitative titration.
Hypericin CAS 548-04-9 Tocris Bioscience.
Keywords: Hypericin, Hypericin supplier, inhibitors, inhibits, tyrosine, kinases, Protein, Kinase, Broad, Spectrum, Inhibitors, Non-selective, Antivirals, 1520, Tocris Bioscience. 1 Citation for Hypericin. Citations are publications that use Tocris products. Selected citations for Hypericin include.: Chen et al 2018 Concomitant SK current activation and sodium current inhibition cause J wave syndrome.
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St. Johns Wort Hypericin The AIDS InfoNet.
Patients were given intravenous doses of purified hypericin. The study was stopped when every white-skinned patient in the trial became very sensitive to light. They developed skin rashes and some could not go outside until after they stopped taking hypericin.

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