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1932, Maurice Baring, chapter 16, in Friday's' Business 1: His uncle, a Cardinal, engages a Spanish youth of Moorish descent called Diego, an expert singer and player on the virginal, to unlock the secrets of the heart, and to cleanse his bosom of the perilous stuff, and cure him by the spell of his music.
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spinet of the day, the virginal, and Giles may have begun his musical activity in that way. His marked disregard for the prevailing conventions of written counterpoint seems to suggest the approach of a virginal player rather than that of a church-trained organist.
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Somehow she'd' always been a child in his mind, pure and virginal. It is traditional for the bride to wear virginal white. Synonyms: chaste, pure, maidenly, virgin More Synonyms of virginal. Something that is virginal looks new and clean, as if it has not been used or spoiled.
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BaroqueBand 584148, views. Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Full Album Duration: 21302. Brilliant Classics 7948, views. Harpsichord Voicing Duration: 153. Richard Auber 8090, views. Zuckermann Italian Virginal For Sale Duration: 128. Fuster 6203, views. The making of a pentagonal virginal Duration: 054.
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She was waiting for him in a bed of an obscenely virginal white lace and satin. On this occasion relays of patriotic maidens in virginal white paraded reverently before a temple of philosophy erected where the high altar had stood.
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Examples from the Web for virginal Expand. McCarthy wore a virginal white wedding dress for the occasion. Jenny McCarthy: I Am Not Anti-Vaccine Lloyd Grove October 24, 2014. The impression is left that this project would despoil a virginal natural landscape.
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Out of the some dozen so-called English virginal" books" see below, only Elizabeth Roger's' Virginal Book actually bears the word in its original title: the other collections were attributed the name by music scholars in the nineteenth or twentieth centuries.
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She had a virginal shape, and liked her clothes to cling about her knees. It was an exquisite morning, too virginal for June, too richly warm for May. She stood gazing at the firelit faces, the virginal half-smile on her lips.
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In the seventeenth century, the virginal, that favourite of the harpsichord family, seems to have held an irresistible attraction for well-bred young ladies, as evidenced by the profusion of paintings in which they had themselves immortalized at their beloved instrument.

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