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See hypo defined for English-language learners. See hypo defined for kids. Origin and Etymology of hypo. Late Latin hypo, hyp, from Greek, from hypo more at up. HYPO Defined for English Language Learners. Definition of hypo for English Language Learners.:
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hypo Wiktionary.
Derived terms edit. English words prefixed with hypo. Terms derived from the hypo prefix in the anatomical sense. Terms derived from the hypo prefix in the medical sense. Terms derived from the hypo prefix in the chemical sense. Galician: hipo gl.
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Hypo Define Hypo at Dictionary.com.
word-forming element meaning under, beneath" in chemistry, indicating a lesser oxidation, from hypo, comb. form of Greek hypo prep. and adverb under, from PIE upo under, up from under, over" see sub. Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Cite This Source. hypo in Medicine Expand. hypo hypo h'p.'
Definition of Hypo.
home / medterms medical dictionary a-z list / hypo definition. Medical Definition of Hypo. Hypo: Prefix meaning low, under, beneath, down, or below normal, as in hypoglycemia low blood sugar and hyposensitivity undersensitivity. The opposite of hypo is hyper. CONTINUE SCROLLING FOR RELATED ARTICLE.
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HYPO Steiermark, brand name of Landes-Hypothekenbank Steiermark. HYPO Salzburg, brand name of Salzburger Landes-Hypothekenbank. HYPO Oberösterreich, brand name of Oberösterreichische Landesbank. Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg. Hypo Tirol Bank. Hypo Noe Gruppe. Hypo Verband, brand name of Verband der österreichischen Landes-Hypothekenbanken. HYPO may refer to.:
hypo Wiktionary.
informal, among law students and their professors A hypothetical case. informal, zoology A hypomelanistic snake. Usage notes edit. Hypo may be used informally for other polysyllabic terms formed with the prefix hypo usually in contexts where it is clear which specific term is meant.
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Main definitions of hypo in English.: hypo 1 hypo 2 hypo 3. An attack of hypoglycaemia. I am now very sympathetic to the plight of the diabetic; I wouldn't' want to have to suffer a hypo attack on a regular basis.
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What is a hypo? How to recognise and treat a hypo Diabetes UK YouTube.
Eat extra carbohydrate if you are more active than normal. Take your tablets and/or insulin injections correctly. Dont drink alcohol on an empty stomach or drink too much alcohol. Treating a hypo. If you are conscious, treat your hypo immediately with 1520g of fast-acting carbohydrate.:

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