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Hypothermia: MedlinePlus.
Exercising in Cold Weather National Institute on Aging PDF. How to prevent frostbite and hypothermia Medical Encyclopedia Also in Spanish. Hypothermia Medical Encyclopedia Also in Spanish. MedlinePlus Email Updates. Get Hypothermia updates by email What's' this? How to prevent frostbite and hypothermia.
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Hypothermia NHS.UK.
Babies with hypothermia may look healthy, but their skin will feel cold. They may also be limp, unusually quiet and refuse to feed. You should call 999 and then give first aid if you think someone's' got hypothermia. First aid for hypothermia.
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Hypothermia Cold Exposure: Symptoms, Treatment and Ways the Body Loses Heat.
What Are the Risk Factors for Hypothermia? What Are the Symptoms of Hypothermia? How Is Hypothermia Diagnosed? What Is the Treatment for Hypothermia? Hypothermia is a potentially dangerous drop in body temperature, usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperatures.
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Hypothermia Wikipedia.
In those who have hypothermia due to another underlying health problem, when death occurs it is frequently from that underlying health problem. In the past, vague hypothermia occurred most frequently in homeless people, citation needed but recreational exposure to cold environments is now the main cause of hypothermia.
What Is Hypothermia? Symptoms, Signs, Treatment Protocol.
Normal body core temperature ranges from about 98 F to 100 F 36.6 C to 37.7 C; core temperature is best measured by a rectal thermometer; do not rely on an oral, ear, axillary under the armpit, or skin temperature if hypothermia is suspected.
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Hypothermia: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia.
Hypothermia can be fatal. Take the following steps if you think someone has hypothermia.: If the person has any symptoms of hypothermia that are present, especially confusion or problems thinking, call 911 right away. If the person is unconscious, check airway, breathing, and circulation.
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Hypothermia can be classified as mild, moderate or severe: 6. Mild hypothermia 32-35C: lethargy, confusion, shivering, loss of fine motor co-ordination. Moderate hypothermia 28-32C: delirium, slowed reflexes. Severe hypothermia below 28C: very cold skin, unresponsive, coma, difficulty breathing, abnormal heart rhythms.

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