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What is Hypertext? Definition from Techopedia.
Through the use of textual links, Web pages written in HyperText Markup Language HTML can be linked and cross-referenced throughout the Web. Ted Nelson actually had a far grander vision for hypertext than Tim Berners-Lees World Wide Web, but his project, Xanadu is still under development many decades later.
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What is Hypertext?
HyperMedia is a term used for hypertext which is not constrained to be text: it can include graphics, video and sound, for example. Apparently Ted Nelson was the first to use this term too. Hypertext and HyperMedia are concepts, not products.
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What is hypertext? Definition from
Hypertext was the main concept that led to the invention of the World Wide Web, which is, after all, nothing more or less than an enormous amount of information content connected by an enormous number of hypertext links. The term was first used by Ted Nelson in describing his Xanadu system.
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Hypertext Definition of Hypertext by Merriam-Webster.
Definition of hypertext for Students.: an arrangement of the information in a computer database that allows the user to get other information by clicking on text displayed on the screen. Learn More about hypertext. See words that rhyme with hypertext Nglish: Translation of hypertext for Spanish speakers Encyclopedia article about hypertext.
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Hypertext computer science
each other by means of hypertext or hypermedia links i.e, hyperlinks, electronic connections that link related pieces of information in order to allow a user easy access to them. Hypertext allows the user to select a word from text and and thereby access other documents that contain additional information pertaining to.
Hypertext Definition.
Software programs that include dictionaries and encyclopedias have long used hypertext in their definitions so that readers can quickly find out more about specific words or topics. Apple Computer's' HyperCard program also used hypertext, which allowed users to create multi-linked databases.
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Hypertext Wikipedia.
Hypertext writing has developed its own style of fiction, coinciding with the growth and proliferation of hyper text development software and the emergence of electronic networks. Two software programs specifically designed for literary hypertext, Storyspace and Intermedia became available in the 1990s.
Hypertext Define Hypertext at
Examples from the Web for hypertext Expand. Then he created an Internet version of his hypertext program, writing it in just a few hundred lines of Perl code. You Can Look It Up: The Wikipedia Story Walter Isaacson October 19, 2014.
Hypertext, at its most basic level, is a DBMS that lets you connect screens of information using associative links. At its most sophisticated level, hypertext is a software environment for collaborative work, communication, and knowledge acquisition. Hypertext products mimic the brain's' ability to store and retrieve information by referential links for quick and intuitive access.
Hypertext: Towards a Definition.
For a glimpse at the evolution of hypertext see A Short History of Hypertext. Vannevar Bush and the Memex. In the lore that has built up around the links, nodes and interconnectivity of hypertext, Vannevar Bush's' 1945 article As We May Think published in the Atlantic Monthly is often cited as a visionary glimpse of hypertext.

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