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Materials and compounds exhibit different hygroscopic properties, and this difference can lead to detrimental effects, such as stress concentration in composite materials. Note: The above text is excerpted from the Wikipedia article" Hygroscopy" which has been released under the GNU Free Documentation License.
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Hygroscopic dictionary definition hygroscopic defined.
Potassium phenolate, C 6 H 5 OK, crystallizes in fine needles, is very hygroscopic and oxidizes rapidly on exposure. Anhydrous calcium chloride, prepared by heating the hydrate to 200 preferably in a current of hydrochloric acid gas, which prevents the formation of any oxychloride, is very hygroscopic, and is used as a desiccating agent.
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The total amount of water, which can be taken up by the hygroscopic material will be a function of the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere in which it is located and will ultimately be determined by the sorption isotherm of the system.
Hygroscopic Definition of Hygroscopic by Merriam-Webster.
readily taking up and retaining moisture glycerol is hygroscopic. Other Words from hygroscopic. hygroscopicity sk├Ąp-is-t noun, plural ties. More from Merriam-Webster on hygroscopic. Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with hygroscopic. Comments on hygroscopic. What made you want to look up hygroscopic?
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Choline chloride is hygroscopic, and when added to a vitamin premix it will generally hasten the rate of other vitamin destruction. Gases and non-aqueous liquids can be dehydrated by passing them over or through a hygroscopic substance, one that readily absorbs water.
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Definition of Hygroscopic in Chemistry.
Sulfuric acid is hygroscopic, not only when concentrated but also down to a concentration of 10% v/v or even lower. Germinating seeds also are hygroscopic. After seeds have dried, their outer coating becomes hygroscopic and starts absorbing moisture needed for germination.
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Hygroscopic definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
The water content of hygroscopic pharmaceutical products is affected by the water content of the surrounding air. Hygroscopic products must be produced in environments where the humidity is low or they will absorb too much water. A hygroscopic substance tends to absorb moisture from the air.
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What makes a substance hygroscopic?
Calcium chloride is so hygroscopic that it eventually dissolves in the water it absorbs: this property is called deliquescence.Materials and compounds exhibit different hygroscopic properties, and this difference can lead to detrimental effects, such as stress concentration in composite materials.
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Hygroscopic VS Non-Hygroscopic Resins: Plastics Technology.
When an environment of hot, dry air surrounds a wet hygroscopic pellet, the vapor pressure surrounding the pellet is lower than the vapor pressure within the pellet. Consequently, the moisture within the pellet begins to migrate toward the area of low vapor pressure outside the pellet.
The MSDS HyperGlossary: Hygroscopic.
Therefore, always be sure to clean up any spills of hygroscopic materials right away. Also be aware that hygroscopic materials typically release a large amount of heat when mixed with water. Always store hygroscopic materials in well-sealed containers or under vacuum or an inert atmosphere.

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